Buy Lilash Growth On USA

How to buy eyelash growth liquid?You can through the website, platform, or online store.If you want to buy the real product, you can also purchase through our website.

I have used Lilash and it worked, noticeably. But I had the side affect of reddening of my eyelid. I just looked like i was tired all the time. That is what made me stop using Lilash. When I stopped using it the red went away in about 2 months. I’m Black and the red was that noticeable so just fyi for other ethnicities if you use Lilash. But I cannot deny the results that I got. Very huge curve.

I have never tried Lilash, but Rapidlash works great for me. Have been using for a couple months, saw improvement in a week, now don’t even have to use an eyelash curler. Only use about 5 times a week. Just be careful not to put on too much so it seeps into eye, can irritate eye for a day.

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