Star Also Use Eyelash Growth Liquid (lilash serum)

Star is a profession, the professional let a person envy, they have a lot of fans.They not only have beauty, also has a unique talent.The high level of appearance make stars look more perfect.Many actresses use eyelash growth liquid– lilash serum.

The lilash is created by Cosmetic Alchemy, a company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing cosmetic and cosmeceutical products.

Lilash has a no-salt formula, which is less irritating on the eyes. Some other eyelash enhancement products cause stinging sensation when they get into the eyes.

The product promises to improve the length of the lashes within four to six weeks of continuous use, which is not really quite a long time.

A tube of Lilash lasts very long and can be used for five to six months, even with everyday use.
It is not only an eyelash growth stimulator; it is also an eyelash conditioner as well.

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