The Rule Of Eyelash Growth

Everything has a rule, eyelash growth also regularly, but do you understand?If you don’t know, let’s see.

Many women love mascara,One important rule which you should always remember is to change your mascara every three months, even if it is in the solid form. Changing your mascara frequently will avoid transmission of bacteria into the eyes thus, preventing the accumulation of bacteria. And whenever you apply a mascara, you should apply from the tips of your eyelashes and avoid covering the roots.

The growth cycle of the eyelashes is divided into three stages: from the growth to the extended period of the degradation period. The growth cycle of the control eyelashes is related to the complex interaction between the two tissues of the convex and the dermal papilla. Because hair follicles contain nerves and provide blood supply to the eyelashes to provide blood, the hair band can regenerate the entire hair follicle cells, so it is the focus of treatment. Studies have shown that the destruction of these two organizations can go where the eyelashes are not regenerated.Besides that, you can buy lilash serum save your short eyelashes.

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