The World’s Longest Eyelashes

Recently, the Ukrainian 58-year-old man Valery Smagliy claimed to have the world’s longest eyelashes, which allows him to enjoy the envy of many women envy eyes.

In accordance with the “first root, and then the middle, after the tip” of the order, three times folder winding eyelashes, side edge gently pull up. And then in the horizontal way Z-shaped side of the brush edge slowly upward movement evenly. In order to strengthen the effect, you can erect a brush brush a root eyelashes, and then brush the end of the eye and eyelashes, and the lower eyelashes.

The false eyelashes and your own eyes length to do a comparison, the extra cut, and then hold the two, adjust the position, make it change the curvature and then coated with eyelash glue, wait half dry after the eyelashes from the corner of the roots and eye tail The roots of the eyelashes stick, fixed the last part of the remaining close to the roots of eyelashes.You can use lialsh serum for eyelashes.

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