Where To Buy Purple Lilash Serum

If you love beauty and fashion,I think you must focus on mascara, eyelash growth liquid.Lilash serum popular in Europe and the United States.It is a magic eyelash growth liquid, let a female obsession.There are two kinds of packaging, a black and a purple.But where to buy purple lilash serum?

You can buy it on our website or amaozn. Different colors bring a person different feeling, in fact, the effect is the same.Purple looks more elegant, mystery and charm.Black looks mysterious and unique.

The eye serum is applied to the upper eyelids, just above the lash line. It’s similar to the way you would apply a liquid eyeliner. When you first start treating your lashes, use the serum once each day for 8 to 12 weeks. When you’re happy with your lashes you can reduce application to twice a week for maintenance purposes.

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